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It’s Pure Summer Bliss!

Begin with Aaaah!

Even the busiest go-getter who is working double-time to change her world needs to stop every now and then. In my case, this past weekend was pure summer bliss. It was carefree, with long days and warm nights, no alarm clock and no commitments. Weekends such as this are rare. When they come around, I put everything on hold. One of the reasons why a lazy summertime weekend is that it is good for the soul and the mind to relax.  It’s a prescription for the overly scheduled and those who are in need of  the carefree summers of childhood.

Here’s what my prescription looked this past weekend:

A Backyard escape: A hammock hanging between two trees, Italian lights in the form of grape clusters hanging in the breezeway, a Weber grill  and an outdoor fire pit.

A Sunday morning ride: A 15 mile ride in the rare cool breeze of summer

Early morning strolls: Long walks with the dog, letting her run free in the fields

A day filled with childhood indulgences: Mint-chip ice cream and  a matinée showing  of an adventure film.

A “Once in a Lifetime” moment never to be repeated:  Getting up in the middle of the night (1:15AM) to watch the Mars Landing.

My question to you this week is, “What can you do for yourself to create some Summer Bliss while there is still time to claim a weekend before the kids return to school, the days grow short and the geese fly south for winter?” Despite one of the hottest summers on record, winter will be here before you know it.

Here’s to your summer: Click here for a soundtrack to play when you discover your lazy summer weekend of complete bliss.
Make it a great week. As always, I welcome your comments and ideas!

~ Tess

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