You Don’t Need A Crisis To Make A Change

Help! Help!

It dawned on me a few months ago that bookshelves and Talk Shows are filled with stories of crises leading to change. A near death experiences, being adrift at sea or receiving a life threatening diagnosis often prompt someone to re-prioritize their life.

I asked my self what sort of crisis I might need to prompt real change in my life.  Then I thought… “Wait A Minute! I would prefer to stay healthy, grounded and prosperous while I recreate myself”.  I want a dramatic success, but I don’t want drama.

So, I have made some bold choices about career and living my life’s purpose.  I have left a successful career with a leading health charity to start my own venture. There was no incident or crisis that prompted this shift. In fact, I was happy in what I was doing.  Rather, it was my desire that prompted my change. My desire is to pursue consulting and publishing full-time.  I couldn’t live in both worlds. I could not focus on the consulting and publishing without short-changing my job and vice-versa.

And so,  I’m skipping the crisis and investing my energy into having dramatic results  Does it sometimes feel like a crisis to be without a net? Well of course. I am a child of parents who taught me to always have something else to go to before leaving a job, always have health insurance and put a little bit of money away each paycheck.  Therefore, to feed the security want-monster, I’ve got some projects that will serve as my bridge for the immediate future. Most of the time it’s an exhilarating experience!

You’ll have your own formula for how you’ll handle the changes you want to make in your life. We’re each unique. My method can’t be your method. What I can offer you is the following recommendation as you begin to think about reordering your priorities in life:

  • Review your historical approach to making chang: Do you make changes in advance of crises, during crises or following crises? Why?
  • Make a list of any major or minor changes you’d like to see happen in your life in the next 11 months (year’s end is always a good timeline).
  • Note whether you think that these changes will be easy to accomplish or difficult to achieve.
  • Prioritize your desired change.
  • Select one change topic and begin the journey.

Bon Voyage!

– Tess

Copyright 2011, Destiny Rising, LLC

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